Join one of the most ambitious teams in the field of strength and conditioning for cricket. Take your career to the next level with Cricket Matters.

Cricket Matters is Where the Future of Cricket Training Works

Every day, we refine, iterate and explore how to improve strength and conditioning for cricket.

Join us in creating a more rewarding, pain-free, and flexible future for cricketers.

James Breese: Strength and Conditioning Expert at Cricket Matters

We empower our athletes with the resources, training, and autonomy to achieve their cricketing and professional goals.


We foster a collaborative environment where cricketers share knowledge, support each other, and grow together as a community, ensuring everyone reaches their full cricketing potential.


We are committed to innovation in both fitness training and cricket coaching practices, providing cutting-edge tools and strategies to help our athletes stay ahead in the game.

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Our Commitment to Both the Physical and Personal Growth of Cricketers

Our day-to-day operations must positively impact our cricketing athletes, community, and the cricketing world. We are dedicated to supporting cricketers by providing the best resources, fostering a collaborative community, and promoting sustainable training practices.

Hiring Made Simple

Get Started in Five Simple Steps

1. Application

When jobs become available, share your CV and answer a few short questions—no cover letter is needed. Just let us know why you applied and why you’re the one we’re looking for!

2. Phone interview

If your profile matches, the recruiter will invite you for the first phone call. Here, you can share your story and motivation for the role, but it’s also a chance to ask first questions about the position.

3. Hiring Team Interview

You will be invited to the next round with our hiring team. You can expect questions on how knowledgeable you are in your area of expertise. Please also prepare some questions; this is your chance to dig deeper.

4. Second Chat

Some roles require a second interview round. Depending on the role, this can be a case study, a practical assignment or a coffee chat. You will be asked in-depth questions about your experience and work style. This is your moment to shine!

5. Our Offer

Yes, your profile and the job seem to be the perfect match for the Independent Training Spot! We want you to join our team and support the growth of our personal trainer network.

Strength and Conditioning in Cricket: Fast Bowlers

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Cricket Matters, we embrace diversity and strive daily to build an inclusive culture where cricketers and our staff are empowered, supported, and valued for who they are.

Hundreds of cricketers from different backgrounds use Cricket Matters to improve their game, and we bring the same diversity and perspective to our everyday operations.

At Cricket Matters, we celebrate differences and believe diversity strengthens our success.

In this mission, we raise awareness around unconscious biases and create safe spaces where everyone feels accepted and empowered.

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