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We help cricketers with all their strength and conditioning needs. Train smarter, perform better and stay pain-free. Welcome to Cricket Matters.

Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers

Connect with James Breese and the Cricket Matters team for an expert and empathetic approach to strength and conditioning coaching for cricket. Our methods combine science-backed strategies with personalised attention, guaranteeing improved performance.

Perform Better

The modern game has changed. Strength and conditioning is no longer an option to perform at the highest levels, it’s a necessity.

Stay Pain-Free

Cricket is hard on the body. Niggles are part of the game. But that doesn’t mean they have to hold you back. Let us show you how to stay injury and pain-free.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Cricketers
Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers by Cricket Matters
Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers. Cricket Matters.
Strength and Conditioning for Cricket Players at Cricket Matters.
We Listen

We prioritise understanding your unique cricketing needs and aspirations. By actively listening to your goals, challenges, and vision, we ensure that our training ideas are tailored to align perfectly with your cricketing goals and lifestyle.

We Assess

With a clear understanding of your goals, we dive deep into a thorough analysis of your current health, movement, fitness, and areas of need. This ensures our strategies are informed, targeted, and set up for success from the beginning.

We Design

With a solid foundation in place, we then build a personalised strength and conditioning roadmap for your goals. We put together strategies that are not only timeless and effective, but also sustainable, driving lasting results and success.

Start your journey

Your Cricketing Story is Your Strength. Let Cricket Matters Help You Harness It.

Love cricket? Want to score more runs? Take more wickets? Our team crafts strength and conditioning programmes that integrate smoothly into your busy playing schedule. We focus on enhancing your cricketing skills, boosting fitness levels, and ensuring you stay motivated and injury-free on and off the pitch

James Breese: Strength and Conditioning Expert at Cricket Matters

Our Vision & Mission

Drawing from a lifetime of cricket experiences and lessons as a fitness professional, my vision is to transform what it means to be an athletic cricketer. I aim to pass on the wisdom I’ve gathered, helping players to avoid common mistakes and accelerate their growth and longevity in the game.

My mission is to empower cricketers with comprehensive training and insights. This covers technical skills, physical conditioning, mental toughness, nutrition, and injury prevention — all crucial for succeeding in today’s competitive cricket landscape.

Score More Runs: Programmes to enhance batting technique, decision-making, and on-field strategy, enabling batsmen to consistently score higher.
Take More Wickets: Programmes to help precision, variety, and intelligence to help bowlers outsmart batsmen and increase their wicket tally.
Play Pain-Free: Programmes for injury prevention to ensure players enjoy a longer, healthier cricketing career without the setbacks of pain or injury.

Would You Like Some Help?

If you’re a cricketer looking to get fitter, stronger or even pain free, book your FREE Strategy Call today with a Cricket Matters expert. Let’s see how we can help you perform better. Guaranteed.

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