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We help cricketers with all their strength and conditioning needs.

Meet Our Talented Team

Our passionate and dedicated team combines diverse skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results for cricketers who want to train smarter, perform better, and become pain-free.

James Breese: Strength and Conditioning Expert at Cricket Matters

James Breese


James Breese, founder of Cricket Matters, is a fitness expert for cricketers. After starting his career with the Metropolitan Police in Brixton, London, James pursued his passion for fitness, founding Strength Matters, a digital marketing agency, in 2015.

An avid cricketer and coach at Cardiff Cricket Club, he also plays for the Wales Over 40s team and competed in the Over 40s World Cup in South Africa.

He enjoys snowboarding, coffee, movies, and live music. For his sins, he’s a Manchester United and Wrexham fan.

Josh Kennedy Cricket Matters

Josh Kennedy

Head Coach

Josh Kennedy, head coach at Cricket Matters, is a personal trainer, former actor, and stage fight director at the Royal Opera House.

A lover of all things bacon, Josh is also a devoted Everton football club supporter. He is the proud father of Henry and Florence and husband to his wife, Liz.

When not coaching, Josh enjoys spending time with his family, drinking coffee, spending hours cooking ridiculous meals, going to the movies, quoting films and indulging in his passion for the theatre.

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