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Specialists in Cricket Fitness, Strength Training, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Focused Rehabilitation for Cricketers.

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Strength and Conditioning Can Feel Intimidating

If You Don’t Have a Plan…

  • Overwhelm: The vast world of cricket fitness options is complex.
  • Lack of Consistency: It’s challenging to stick to a cricket training plan without clear guidance.
  • Uncertainty: It’s hard to know where to start or if you’re doing the right things.

This often leads to cricketers neglecting their own health and fitness needs.

But to perform better in today’s competitive world of cricket, strength and conditioning has never been so important.

Don’t let the intimidation of starting hold you back. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers. Cricket Matters.
Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers by Cricket Matters
Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers by Cricket Matters
Strength and Conditioning for Cricket Players at Cricket Matters.

Here’s What We Do

We’re experts in strength and conditioning for cricketers who want to perform better and stay injury free.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Cricketers
Strength and Conditioning for Cricketers

Delivering a holistic experience, our coaching program integrates rigorous fitness training, personalized nutrition plans, and essential mobility and stretching routines specifically for cricketers. We ensure you’re in peak physical condition while also focusing on injury prevention and recovery.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Cricketers: Injury Prevention
Rehabilitation Programmes for Cricketers

Injuries aren’t the end; they’re a new beginning for cricketers. Our expert-led rehabilitation programmes blend custom rehab exercises, and nutrition to not only restore but enhance your cricketing prowess. Embrace recovery and transform setbacks into greater performance on the field.

We Get It – Cricket is Hard on the Body

We understand the intricacies and demands of the game. From the physical exertion of long hours on the field to the mental stress of maintaining consistent performance.

Cricket poses unique challenges. That’s why we’re committed to providing personalised strength and conditioning coaching and support to help you overcome these hurdles and excel on the field.

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Finally, Strength and Conditioning Experts That Understand Cricketers

Strength and conditioning programmes built for the modern day cricketer. Our personalised approach ensures you achieve your fitness goals without compromising your performance on the field.

How it Works

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

1. Book a FREE Strategy Call

Click the book a free strategy call button below, and fill in your details so we can contact you.

We will arrange a time to call you for your first strategy session because getting to know you is the first, and most important step.

2. Speak to an Expert

Together we’ll create a crystal clear vision of what your cricketing needs are and what’s your #1 priority.

We’ll uncover hidden challenges that maybe sabotaging your results and what you need to do to avoid them.

3. Get Results

Leave​ the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to smash your training and cricketing goals with a clear road map of what you need to do to achieve them.

James Breese: Strength and Conditioning Expert at Cricket Matters

Train Smarter. Perform Better.

We understand the complexity of cricket—from scoring runs and taking wickets to dealing with injuries and maintaining fitness.

Our holistic training services, which include personalised strength and conditioning coaching, nutrition coaching, and rehabilitation programs, are specifically designed with cricketers in mind.

This is strength and conditioning for cricketers by cricketers.

Our mission is to help you score more runs, take more wickets and ensure your longevity in the game you love the most.

– James Breese, Cricket Matters Founder

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High Performance Handbook for Cricketers

Would You Like Some Help?

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